My Interviews


In the spirit of ‘getting about’, I’ve put myself forward for a few interviews. This isn’t as hard as it looks and can be quite a lot of fun. All you need to do is search online for ‘writer interviews’ or ‘author spotlights’ and contact the website owners to see if they would be interested in interviewing you. Most of them you’ll find are other writers with blogs, so its a great way to make contact with some like-minded people, and perhaps you can even return the favour for them at some point.

There are also plenty of online and printed magazines out there that might be interested in taking an interview. Contact them directly and make sure you tell them why their readers would be interested in you and your work. If they only take completed interviews, ask a fellow writer to ask you a few poignant questions – then return the favour. Some magazines will even pay for good interviews. Remember to keep the questions interesting though – don’t ask what’s someone’s favourite colour!

If you scroll back up, you’ll discover a page on my blog that is dedicated to my interviews, with links to each one. I’ll update this page with any new ones, so do a keep an eye on it.

Come into the spotlight… it’s warm and will help you promote yourself and your work.


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