Amazon Author Page


Amazon Author Page:

I recently tweeted to ask ‘how do you make the most of your Amazon Author Page’ and was answered with a chorus of ‘not sure, but when you find out, tell us!’

I’ve done some research on the subject and found very little information, so here’s what I know so far…


Having an Amazon Author Page shows potential publishers that you have other books out there and have had some success. Using a link to your page on your email signature, gives them instant access to a lot of relevant information about you. Although it could be argued that your own website can achieve this too, but Amazon check the credentials of anyone claiming they’re included in that book – they check with publishers and only add it to your page when they are sure you are who you say you are.

More fans:

If a reader really likes one of your books, they can visit this page for a full catalogue of your works and can instantly buy said work. It’s always better to engage fans when they’re excited and this then gives them the opportunity to buy more of your books, before they jump onto someone else’s band wagon.

Social Media Applications:

You can add on twitter, RSS feeds and blogs to your page, making finding you online much easier. If you Google my name, other Nicky Peacock’s pop up – you can’t change that, so having everything linked on your Amazon Author Page makes finding your online appearances much easier.

 Search Engines:

Amazon pay a large amount of money to be top of search engines – your page will be found higher on searches because of this. In fact, when I Googled myself (that sounds rude!) My Amazon Author Page was the highest ranked of all my pages, that includes my website, blog, twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

Amazon itself:

Like it not, they are a mighty industry leader, and people all over the world refer to their website when looking for new books. They can browse via genres but also via authors through these pages. They have a review section, which is listened to, and a star system which instantly shows the opinions on a book. I must admit, that as a reader, I don’t dig much deeper on a book that predominately gets 1 star.

You can also type in a name on the search bar, and your page will come up – just in case they know your name, but not your book titles.

Have you anything you can add to this? Have you found another use for Amazon Author Page?

Also don’t forget the other sites out there you need to get listed on:





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