Interview call-out


Interview call out.

You may, or may not already know, that my book, Bad Blood is now out in the big wide world. I can only liken it to watching your child leave home (not that I have children!) To open the door, boot it out and hope that it doesn’t embarrass you, or come crawling back asking for money.

As an author there are a number of ways you can help your book along it’s little independent path; one of those is interviews. There are literally thousands of blogs and websites out there dedicated to books of every genre and most will have a section for author interviews. People like asking questions. People like getting answers. The interview is simple in its format and can really help your online exposure and promote your book. I’ve done quite a few myself already: to view my interviews click here, or specifically for my Bad Blood tour, click through to my dedicated Face Book page.

So in the spirit of delving into the dark depths of the author psyche – don’t worry the proper protective gear will be adorned – I’m putting an open call out to all authors. Would you like to be interviewed? If you would, then send me an email to: mail(at)creativemindswriting(dot)co(dot)uk or leave me a comment below so I can find your blog and make contact. Together we can take over the world! WAHAHAHA oh, no wait that’s my secret evil master plan… together we can promote you and your work – there, that’s better, less psychotic!

One comment on “Interview call-out

  1. I think I would like to take over the world…yes, that sounds lovely! But, might I be back-burnered until my merrow/historic fiction/fantasy/dark comedy is published?

    Best of luck to you and BAD BLOOD…BTW-I adore your blog… :)

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