Interview with Radha Bharadwaj

Radha Bharadwaj

Radha Bharadwaj

Interview with fellow author and director Radha Bharadwaj

When did you realise you wanted to be a horror writer? 

The desire to write a supernatural/creature horror story came about last year, and I wrote THE HYBRID shortly thereafter. Prior to that, I’d been dealing strictly with man-made evil. Dark stuff–mysteries, etc.-but the evil agent was a human being and not a creature.

What was the first story you got published? Is there anything you’d change about it now?

In the West, that would be THE RAINS OF RAMGHAT. I wrote it years ago in a creative writing class. I’d put it away and not sought publication, since I was busy with my feature films. It is only a few months ago, in between writing books, that I looked into getting my short fiction published. Scissors and Spackle was my first publication, and I polished the story before submitting. 

What’s your thoughts on authors and social media? Which sites do you prefer? 

I think social media, used well, can somewhat level the playing field. Not all books get the big marketing dollars. But one can get one’s work out. Figuring out how and what the best sites are is a task in itself. I haven’t–yet; and hence can’t unfortunately cite a site.

What’s your favourite horror monster and why?

Lots. But if I were to pick one, I’d say Frankenstein. Because of its subtext: the cruel ostracization of people (and species!) that are dissimilar to us. I’m an animal lover and strict vegetarian, and the “monster” in the book eats only fruits and berries–that endeared him to me when I was little! It’s also a highly visual book. The closing image, of the monster vanishing in the snow, is poignant and evocative.

What is the worst mistake a new writer can make? And what advice would you give them?

Listening to naysayers. Pick your circle wisely, and embrace the isolation inherent in all worthwhile pursuits. Solitude is necessary, to create. A strong sense of self is as essential as oxygen, to survive slings and arrows.

The best way for people to stay abreast of Radha’s latest activities is

Her stage adaptation for CLOSET LAND is available on CreateSpace:



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