Interview with Dan Weatherer


Dan Weatherer

Interview with fellow Horrified Press author Dan Weatherer.

When did you realise you wanted to be a horror writer?

I started by writing Comedy (unsuccessfully) back in 2010, but I have always read or watched Horror. I had an idea for a story in January this year and it gathered momentum from there!

What was the first story you got published? Is there anything you’d change about it now?

The Legend of the Chained Oak (Haunted Magazine – summer 2013.) It is to be made into a movie, but it is a question I have often asked myself. The truth is after a piece is published I never read them, for the very reason you ask. I think if I found a flaw and it was too late to correct it would drive me to distraction!

What are your thoughts on authors and social media? Which sites do you prefer?

I used worthy of publishing and wattpad myself but found both those sites to be flooded with writers only interested in pushing their own work. Feedback was non-existent and so I stay away from them now.
I have used both Facebook and twitter to bring attention to my published work and any upcoming projects I am working on. I have seen interest come my way from all corners, and these sites have enabled people who would not have the chance to read my work to sample it.

What’s your favourite horror monster and why?

For me, the Hannibal Lecter/Patrick Bateman types of monsters are the most terrifying. At their core they are simply human, with no supernatural powers and all of our frailties’, yet they command such terror by the acts they are capable of committing and the lack of remorse or reason that accompanies them.

What is the worst mistake a new writer can make? And what advice would you give them?

No matter what feedback you receive, if it’s what you want to write and it’s something you believe in, there will be someone out there who wants to hear what you have to say. You just have to find them.


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