My favourite villains.


We all love a bad boy, it’s practically ingrained in our DNA. So I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about a few of my favorite movie, comic, and literary villains of all time and why I like them.

Eric Northman – be still my beating heart. Not a villain per say but he’s not exactly a good guy either. He’s the dude your daddy warned you against and the one your mom secretly wants for herself. In the books, like most villains, he seems to be only held up as a mirror to other characters such as Bill, Quinn and Alcide. And Sookie only falls for him when he has his memory zapped – it’s harder to stay with him when he is back to his conniving true self.

Ming The Merciless – Fresh from the Flash Gordon comics, Ming rules the planet Mongo and has a weakness for a beautiful lady. He has an almost Guinness Book of Records style beard and has that look in his eye that lets you know, he always has a plan. And hey, power is sexy, right?

Dracula – Depending on the version you read/ watch, this blood-sucking tuxedo wearing villain usually has a tug at my heart strings. Although his polygamous vampire brides are slightly off putting, he’s usually on the quest for true love and doesn’t mind how many lawyers and doctors he battles to get there.

Dr Frankenstein – come on, who doesn’t want to make their own man? His crazy God-complex aside, he’s a driven medical student, who in my humble opinion, masquerades as the villain in the book. When all is said and done, the horrors that occur in Mary Shelley’s novel only happen because of his poor choices and selfish nature. Okay, but he’s still a doctor and quite wealthy, so still kind of attractive.

Candy Man – The supernatural serial killer from the movie of the same name and originally from the dark mind of Clive Barker. He’s polite, as he only comes when you call him. He’s good to animals, he keeps bees. And hopefully is made up of a few sweet treats (I’m really grabbing at straws now!) He’s actually one of the only movie villains that scared me when I first saw the movie back in 1992.

The Phantom of the Opera – Okay, he had an unfortunate accident and is kind of a murderous control freak, but who doesn’t want to be serenaded and called his ‘Angel of Music’. The novel was amazing and the movie, although a bit disappointing, still had a gothic romantic vibe that clung to the Phantom like an extra cape.


The King slayer Jaime Lannister – The rugged yet alluring knight from Game of Thrones. Started off as an incestuous, child killing scumbag, but through the third season has been tormented into a more noble, loyal knight. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this season to see his continued transformation.

Now I can’t very well talk about my favorite villains without giving a nod to my own creation. Nicholas the vampire is a the nemesis of Bad Blood’s heroine Britannia. He does some very naughty things and has quite a warped sense of love and loyalty. He is a gentleman though, and is always impeccably dressed, even when fighting zombies, and he has a secret – one that you’ll find out if you pick up your copy of Bad Blood today.

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