Interview with Katalina Leon

lordgriffinsprize_msr copy 3Nicky, thank you for inviting me back and interviewing me. I love this kind of thing!

Always a pleasure Katalina! 

Tell us about your publishing journey?

It moved fast. Until 2009 I was an artist, avid reader and the most casual writer. I’m extremely dyslectic with very poor writing skills and crazy spelling. I sketched my thoughts in journals and I didn’t even know how to type until several years ago. In 2007 I started writing short stories to read to my husband in bed. He loved them and encouraged me to take it further. I did and the first novella I submitted to Ellora’s Cave was contracted. After that I had to hit the ground running, adapt and learn as fast as I could.

Out of all your characters, which one would you like to take to dinner, and what would you eat? 

Food and the sensuality associated with it is something I love to write about. I have a few immortal/supernatural heroes who haven’t eaten real food in centuries. I guess my favourite would be Tyr the immortal gladiator from 89 BC turned vampire “Slayer”. I have a scene in “The Strix” where Tyr orders and enjoys eating breakfast in a Salem Massachusett diner for the first time in nearly 2000 years. He becomes a Tabasco sauce addict on the spot.

If you had a time machine, where would you go and why? 

Ancient Rome. Even with all its faults I’m deeply drawn to Roman culture. I would also love to visit France of the early 1900’s and drink up the art. What a time…

What are you reading at the moment? 

I’m a slow reader, but I remember what I read clearly. I’m currently reading Stephen Greenblatt’s “The Swerve—How The World Became Modern”. It’s about the journey of an ancient Roman manuscript by Lucretius- ‘The Natural of Things’ as it was rescued, recopied and circulated for centuries in European monasteries despite its obvious Pagan roots. It’s full of sensuality and odes to Venus and lots of beautiful writing that would have caused shock and awe in the Vatican. In its day it was a forbidden and a cherished book that only a privileged few were allowed to read. Now it’s ours!

If you could choose to be a supernatural entity – what would you choose and why?

This is easy to answer. I’d be a griffin. I love griffins they represent the best qualities of heaven and earth. They possess the strength and courage of a lion and the soaring spirit of an eagle. Flying would definitely be the best part.

Which social media site do you find most useful as an author?

I enjoy Facebook but I love Pinterest. I’m a visual person and making and sharing book boards is a joy for me. I hoard exotic places, beautiful things and stunning men on Pinterest. Thanks to Pinterest I’ve developed a fetish for Brazilian men.

There’s only 10 minutes before the world explodes…what do you do?

I would tell my family and friends how much I love them and how grateful I am that we got to have a life together. Then I’d sit on my couch with my husband, son and dog and hug them with maybe a little chocolate, and red wine to soften the blow?

What advice would you give to other authors?

My best advice would to be careful about whom you accept advice from. A lot of advice is pure nonsense. Find out what works for you.

What are you working on at the moment?

 I have another paranormal/ time-travel romance “Fairy In The Flesh” coming August 23rd from Ellora’s Cave. This story is my personal fantasy of going back in time and meeting a favorite French Bohemian artist. Here’s the blurb.

fairyintheflesh_msr copy 2Fairy In The Flesh

by, Katalina Leon

Maya Rousseau’s fantasy vacation in Avignon France heats up when an eccentric enchantress tricks her into drinking mojo-laced absinthe.

An unexpected encounter with the green fairy causes Maya’s reality to have a serious melt down. She travels back in time and wakes up naked in the bed of her favorite bad boy Bohemian artist, the tall, dark and mysterious André Bosco. There’s nothing wrong with that except it’s 1903.

For André it’s love at first sight. He begs Maya to become his cherished model, muse and lover. The chemistry and shared passion between them is overwhelming. André’s a generous-hearted dream man but there’s a catch. Every hour they spend together bonds them tighter and time is running out. The same powers that flung Maya back to 1903 are preparing to snatch her back.

With a hundred and ten years separating these soul-bound lovers it’s uncertain if they can find a happy ending without the help of a little magic and La Fée Verte.

Note: Story contains super hot sex with an unattainable man, enchanted hallucinatory beverages, mischievous time-twisters and green fairies.

 Where can fans find you online?

Katalina Leon: I’m all over the place and easy to find. The first stop should be my new website designed by my best friend. Read the “Bend Over Madame” if you want a good laugh at my expense!


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