Interview with Gina Danna

Tell us about your publishing journey.
I’m a historian (BA & MA with some PhD work) so I’ve written academically for years. I’ve read historical romances, heavy on the Regency period, for years. I’ve always played with the idea of writing novels but wasn’t sure what I was doing. About 3 years ago, I found RWA & my local chapter, MORWA, and got introduced to the world of writers! So exciting and mind blowing! Got me going and here we are, with the result being my first publised novel!
If you didn’t write your genre – what would you write?
Straight historical fiction, maybe contemporary
What are you reading at the moment?
I’m reading Kate Quinn’s Empress of the Seven Hills
If, Her Eternal Rogue was made into a movie – who would you cast in the leads?
When I was writing this, Ian Somerhalder – Damon Salvatore on Vampire Diaries – in mind when I created Alexander. For Lavinia? Maybe Viva Bianca from Spartacus.
If you could be any supernatural creature – what would you be and why?
Probably a vampire maybe because you’re suppose to look incredible as one – and always young. :)
What advice would you give to other writers?
Keep writing. Write what you know and build on that.
What social media sites do you find helpful as an author?
I use Facebook primarily. Twitter – it’s hard for me to cut back things to 140 spaces – a lot posted there is in shorthand that it’s hard to figure it out.
If you had a time machine, where would you go any why?
I’d go to Ancient Rome. Roman history has always fascinated me.
If you could have dinner with one of your characters – who would it be and why? And what would you eat?
I’d say Alexander. He’s a successful pirate with plenty of riches so he could get me whatever I wanted. Problem with that is he’s too hot for me imaging eating in front of him. I’d feel very foolish because vampires don’t need to eat human food and with a sexy man there, I couldn’t swallow, bringing on a whole lot of issues, none making me look good. LOL
Where can fans find you online?
Twitter: @GinaDanna1

15 comments on “Interview with Gina Danna

    • Ella- It happens if I’m attracted to a man – too nervous. Alexander? He’s my dream sort so of course, I couldn’t. Knowing my luck, I’d do something stupid or lacking social grace LOL

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