Interview with Tammy Maas

380871_2204443245239_589792822_nTell us about your publishing journey

Everyone that knows me has to be gagging every time they see me answer this question on an interview. I am almost embarrassed when I tell the story. After many years of working in a distribution center my husband gave me the opportunity to become a stay at home mom (domestic Goddess). I wrote my manuscript and sent it off to eight publishers. Within thirty minutes I had a reply from Rainstorm Press and a week later I had my contract. I was freaking out! I didn’t pay my dues! I was expecting to be rejected hundreds of times but that didn’t happen. I guess this is a great lesson for new authors out there. Always expect the unexpected. (And never say nanner-nanner because that just isn’t nice!)

What part of being a writer do you love most?

I’m a control freak and I love the fact that I can write when I want and I can say what I want. I also love book signings, book releases, new book covers, interviews and all the writer friends I have made over the years.

Which part do you hate most?

I hate editing, (but love my editors!) and I hate waiting. Waiting for the cover, waiting for a release date, waiting for the first review. As I said, I’m a control freak so whatever I can’t control I seem to hate.

What life advice have you been given, that you wished someone had given you sooner?

I received the following life advice when I was young but just didn’t listen. Follow your dreams! It took me a while to catch up with mine but they were still there waiting. It’s never too late.

As an author, how do you deal with negative reviews?

Who says I have any negative reviews?! Just kidding, of course I do! When I get a negative review I will typically talk/pout about it on Facebook. In return I get lots of sympathy from my fellow author friends and from my friends and family. This makes me feel better and takes away some of the sting. Bad reviews add an element of interest to a book. What others don’t like might be just what someone else is looking for.

Who are your favourite authors and why?

This question always pains me and makes me cringe. I don’t read much! Some say my books are the way they are because I haven’t been influenced by anyone. I suppose that could be a good thing or a bad thing. The books I do read are from my fellow authors at Rainstorm Press. They are the greatest and remain my favorite authors of all time.

What are you working on at the moment?

I recently moved from Iowa to Kentucky and am still in the unpacking/painting/can’t find anything stage. But as soon as I get settled I plan on finishing the third and final book in the Lydia Lawson series.

Where can fans find you online?


Twitter: @AniMAASity

Facebook: Tammy Maas


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