Interview with Karen Greco

Karen Greco Author PhotoTell us about your publishing journey
I came to it late, I suppose. I was a playwright, and then life kind of sent me down a different path. I started and stopped a number of different projects, but always put them away. I just had no interest in playing the agent game, the submission game, and all that. It’s all quite arbitrary really. Then my mom got sick with a rare neurological disease, which may be hereditary, and I had that moment when I realized if I didn’t at least try, I would probably regret it. That’s when the clock started ticking.
What part of being a writer do you love most?
Spending time with my characters, even the naughty ones. They make me laugh, exasperate me, make me cry. It’s either great fun or really cathartic, depending on their behavior!
Which part do you hate most?
This is more a love/hate. I love just being alone with my writing, but at a certain point, I really wish there was someone plowing through it with me. I have sounding boards, but after spending so much time in my own world, bringing others in can be complicated.
What life advice have you been given, that you wished someone had given you sooner?
I am not sure if it was specific advice exactly, but I think it was to ignore the naysayers. There will always be naysayers and critics. Can you live with yourself if you don’t try? And it’s really really hard to get over that fear. Writing is such personal work, to get criticized hurts on a personal level. But then you have to remember all the people who love your work and are amazing supporters. You have to write for them.
If you could have a magical power, what would it be and why?
I would love to be able to concoct potions. I love to cook, so to cook up magic potions… That would be amazing.
What inspired you to write Hell’s Belle?  belle
A whole bunch of things. My mom, my daughter. But the actual idea came from its location–Providence. It’s such a neat little city with such great history and beautiful old architecture. The setting really inspired the story.
If you could be a supernatural creature – what would you be and why?
Oh wow. I think I would have to go with witch. While you don’t get immortality or super strength, you do get wisdom and power. I think that’s a great mix.
Vampires – romantic leads or monsters that have lost their literary way? 
How about romantic loads that are also monsters! Vampires were born seducers–killing someone by taking something as vital as blood by the intimacy of a bite. It’s really quite seductive when you think about it. Even the Stokers Dracula was a hopeless romantic. Dracular, at its core, is a love story.
If you could have dinner with any literary character, who would it be and what would you eat?
Oh this is HARD. I would love to spend a night on the town with Sandman Slim (Richard Kadrey).  I know he loves donuts, but I think our date requires steak. Or a really solid burger. And there would be lots of beer and tequila and much carousing. I bet we’d get in a lot of trouble.
Who are your favourite authors and why?
Richard Kadrey and Mike Carey create these amazing worlds and I love that they have these really gritty sexy anti-heros. I will pretty much read anything those guys write.
What are you working on at the moment?
I am working on book two of the Hell’s Belle series, and I am also working on a horror novel — I am about to take a class with Jack Ketchum to kick start, and I am really stoked about that. There is a YA novel is simmering on the back burner, also urban fantasy but for a younger audience, so my daughter can read it. I wish I had more hours in the day to work on them. Unfortunately, I can’t quit my day job, so it may take me a while to plow through. But I am really excited about all of them. They are stories I am dying to tell!
Where can fans find you online?

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