Book Review: The Genie Smolders by Kellyann Zuzulo


Feel the heat of a long-awaited reunion…

Zubis. A jinni. A creature of fire. A lover who touched her body and soul like no man ever could. He swore to love her forever. When their enemies closed in, they were torn apart. The only token of their love was the child she carried and a broken heart.

To be a family, Bethany is determined to find Zubis again. But there are forces at work that condemn the very existence of their baby daughter, Fia. She will never be safe without her father’s ferocious power to protect her and the ancient magic of a mother’s prayer.

When Fia is taken,Zubis and Bethany are reunited in a storm of heady desire and deadly intrigue. Together, they reignite a smoldering love that has the power to set two worlds
on fire.

About the Author:8562fd0b5a810ad8956e08.L._V389820383_

Kellyann Zuzulo writes fiction about genies. Her combination of research and personal experience (ask her about that one time the genie set fire to her Kindle) bring the world of the jinn to life.

THE GENIE IGNITES, a paranormal romance novel, is Book One of the Zubis Chronicles from Boroughs Publishing Group and is a finalist in the 2013 Abalone Awards, which recognizes “Outstanding Ethno-Cultural Romance.” Book two, THE GENIE SMOLDERS, will be released in Spring 2013. Her paranormal romance series, 101 Nights, starts with TO HAVE AND TO HOLD and will tell the story in five installments of a beautiful genie trapped in the wild suburbs of New Jersey.

Kellyann’s first novel, A GENIE IN THE HOUSE OF SAUD: ZUBIS RISES, was a winner in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Kellyann contributed the story STAR LIGHT, BLOOD BRIGHT to the anthology SEVEN SOULS A LEAPING, which was selected by Joyfully Reviewed as one of the best of 2011.

Kellyann is a member of the Romance Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, Backspace Writers Group, and a regular contributor to The Pop Culture Divas blog. A former journalist, Kellyann lives on the East Coast with her husband, three children, and two jaunty terriers, Djin-Djin and Dixie.

My Review:

I must admit that I didn’t know that this was a second book in a series – I much prefer to read novels in order, however I don’t think you need to with this one, as it catches you up along the way quite nicely.

Jinn are an interesting paranormal creature to write about, and I must admit that they are one of my favourites – ever since I watched ‘I Dream of Genie’ when I was a little girl.  There’s a lot of world building in the book and sometimes I got a little confused and frustrated to have unknown words thrust into paragraphs – it was a little jarring and kind of takes the reader out of the scene – but maybe this happened because I jumped in at book two?

From a writer’s perspective the opening scene was hard to get into. It’s basically a Jinn hassling an old nun and quite a number of info dumps which seemed to simply repeat the same thing over again. If I hadn’t have been reading this book for a tour, I would have given up there. The Jinn is a bully and nothing much happens for a number of pages. I pushed on, and to be honest, I’m really glad I did. If I’d have stopped reading I’d have missed out on this new world and it’s characters. Once again I’m guessing that the opening scene makes more sense after reading the first book – but even mid series the opening chapter should really contain the beloved characters as, even regular readers will have spent time apart from them, and need them to cling onto when starting the next installement.

The front cover doesn’t really tell you much and, I know I harp on about this a lot, I think that’s a big mistake from a marketing point of view. Some readers might overlook a good story if the cover is boring. And with this series there is soooo many cool aspects that can be used to make a beautiful and alluring cover.

Overall I’d give the Genie Smolders 3 out 5 stars – a different paranormal romance that successfully strays from the traditional vampires and werewolves.



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