Interview with Michael Aronovitz

Interview with Michael Aronovit author of ‘Voices in our Heads’ (published through Horrified Press) and Professor of English.
Your new book is called ‘Voices in Our Heads’, was there ever another title you had in mind, or was it a steadfast decision early on in the creative process?
I had the title in mind from the beginning.  I wrote all of these with the intent to bring each forward in a different voice or tone.  Not only is this kind of creepy, but it turned out to be what I hope readers would find an interesting “parlor trick.”
 You teach English, what advice would you give to new, young writers?
For new writers, my advice coming from a Professor’s standpoint would embody a few things: A) No sentences beginning with “ing” words or the word “As.”  b) Make sure there is control over the tense. C) Demonstrate that you are aware of the basic grammatical rules before you bend or break them for the purpose of stylistic “availability.”  From a writer’s standpoint: A) Know your characters B) Know your subject matter C) Avoid cliche D) Risk.  Always.  Shock and offend, but do it with dignity and clarity.
Your next book is about a ghost story – is there a ghost story from your own childhood which has stayed with you?
Though I often write ghost stories, I don’t have any childhood experiences as motivators.  I often lean toward the ghost story because it opens up such wonderful avenues to explore, like rich histories, playing with timelines, etc.
Your novel ‘The Witch of the Wood’ (coming out next year) is about a dark apocalypse – if you were to go all Nostradamus and for-see the end of the world – what disaster would you predict and why?
There will be no disaster ending the world in one swoop.  We are too dramatic a species for that.  We prefer to antagonize each other one day and bit at a time, over centuries.  My story “The Witch of the Wood,” it is about an apocalypse, but more, a beginning with new rules.
What’s your opinions on authors and social media? What sites do you use and why?
In terms of authors and the social media, I think it is a necessary marriage.  I use Facebook, I believe for the right reasons, and have had conversations with wonderful people I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  Examples, authors Graham Masterton, Tamara Thorne, Erin Thorne, and Nancy Kilpatrick…musician Punky Meadows from the 70’s band Angel, and film makers Ursula Dabrowsky and Donna McRea.  (As well as personal friends I knew in high school and such).  Moreover, I found Nathan Rowark from Horrified Press on Facebook, and he is publishing my collection this February!  As a criticism, I do fear that when the friendship group gets over 100, one can post something and have it utterly lost in the feed.  Therefore, as a promotional too…let’s say someone old school like me finds his utilization of the bells and whistles a “work in progress.”
 If you were to play favorites, what is your best short story out there at the moment? Is there a book or story you wished you’d come up with the premise for?
My best short stories are in “The Voices in Our Heads,” hands down, and I am excited that Horrified Press took them for publication.  I also have what many have told me is a snappy read on Bosley Gravel’s Cavalcade of Terror site.  It is a piece of flash fiction I wrote one Saturday over the last Christmas break.  It is called “The Matriarch.”  I got such a positive response I decided to expand it to novel length.  I am working on that presently, though readers can enjoy the flash version on Bosley’s site.
Where can fans find you online?
Folks can find me on Facebook, though I am notorious for not “cleaning my room,” and it is littered with old posts.  I can also be reached at my Widener University email

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