Book Spotlight and Interview: Luck of the Dragon by Susannah Scott

Luck of the DragonSynopsis:

Luciana de Luca has a PhD in sass and gemology—and a problem. Her twin brother’s gambling debts have gotten out of hand, and a mob enforcer is blackmailing her to rob the latest, greatest mega-casino on the Strip. Although Lucy has worked her whole life to get away from her family’s grifter past, to save her brother, she dons three-inch heels and a sluts-r-us dress and struts into Alec’s Gerald’s casino, determined to put her long-forgotten thieving ways to the test again.

Alec Gerald, a shape-shifting dragon, has built the Crown Jewel casino to provide sanctuary for his people amongst the flash and awe of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the sexy little thief trying to rob his gem exhibit turns out to be his mate, and he must woo her before he loses his dragon form forever. With enemies in every corner, and the all-important mating ceremony looming, Alec and Lucy must learn to trust each other, before time runs out for Alec and the rest of the dragons.

About the Author:

SUSANNAH SCOTT lives in the Missouri Ozarks and is the lone female in a very loud household of males ranging in age from 4 to 40. While she jokes that the extreme levels of testosterone inspired her to write romance, it is really the love of creating an excellent story, and the occasional dreams of twenty-foot dragons, that wake her and send her to the laptop before the chaos of daily life ensues. Susannah loves to hear from her readers at the following social media locations:

Susannah Scott Author website

Susannah Scott Facebook Author page

Susannah Scott Goodreads

Susananh Scott Twitter

Interview: ss

Thank you so much for having my on your site today to celebrate the release of my Paranormal Romance, Luck of the Dragon!

Tell us about your publishing journey and what inspired you to write Luck of the Dragon?

I love dragons and I love to write, but when first started writing I wasn’t very good, so I started taking a ton of classes. At the end of an intensive editing class with Liz Pelletier, she gently “passed” on acquiring my then super-duper epic, fantasy romance. I asked her what she would like in the dragon variety? She said, “something fun, and contemporary, and sexy.” Viola, Luck of the Dragon began to form in my head. I submitted the completed manuscript to her within a few months. True story.

 If you could be a supernatural creature – which species would you choose?

I was a total Werewolf fan until my husband and I watched the ENTIRE TruBlood series this summer. I heart Eric Northman now, and he better still be alive! So, I would choose werewolves with an Eric Northman cut out!

You find a genie and he grants you three wishes – what are they?

Health, Faith, Contentment.

 What piece of life advice do you wish you’d be given sooner?

RELAX! I tell my sisters this all the time. You really can climb a mountain one-step at a time, but not if you sprint, and not if you stumble because you are so desperate for the peak.

If you could have dinner with a literary character, who would it be and what would you eat?

I loved the hero from Lisa Kleypas’s Sugar Daddy, and we would eat something ethnic. We only have Chinese and Mexican here in the Ozark boon-tool-ies.

 What is the hardest part of being an author?

As a brand new author, definitely it was promotion. That has gotten a little easier now. Right now, it is finding the time to write new material.

 Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever written?

I wrote a love scene at my son’s football practice once. That was weird. But, I was on deadline and had no choice. I think it turned out pretty good too!

 What are you reading right now?

I have an Elizabeth Hoyt novel on my nightstand, but I haven’t cracked it open yet because I have been covered up with edits. I use books as a reward for meeting my writing goals. I tend to read outside my writing genre. Rachel Gibson, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Sherry Thomas and Lisa Kleypas are some of my current favorites.

What are you working on at the moment?

Stop Dragon My Heart Around will be out this spring. It is Leo and Tee’s story. A fun, friends to lovers tale with lots a sexy bantering. Tee is part of the Las Vegas Paiute tribe so there is a cool theme of “belonging” that runs through the story too. What is means to belong to the dragons, to a tribe, to each other?

Thank you again for having me on your blog, and giving me an opportunity to connect with your readers!


Luck of the Dragon Banner OCT 15 - 450 x 169


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