Interview with Christina Bauer

cbTell us about your publishing journey…

I took Angelbound to traditional publishers and agents and was told ‘nice, but paranormal romance is dead.’ And I was like, WTF? That’s not how we romance readers work. We choose a genre (personally, I would read anything with fairies) and pretty much stick with it for the rest of our freaking lives. There are romance sub-genres that focus only on firefighters, hospital workers, navy seals, you get the idea.

So no, I didn’t think paranormal romance was dead, not by a long shot. In fact, I saw a huge untapped opportunity for fantasy/romance stories with heroines who kick ass. Girls make up half of all gamers, more than half of Comic-Con attendees, and one-third of all tech workers. They aren’t getting a lot of entertainment with heroines who look and act like them. So I knew I was moving forward no matter what, the question was how best to do it.

At that point, I was super-fortunate to get introduced to Aileen Latcham, who felt the exact same way I did. One thing led to another, and we opened up Ink Monster LLC. Cue happy music. Huzzah!

What do you love about being an author?

I adore world-building. Lately, I’ve used Pinterest to create boards for different characters and realms, which is crazy-ass fun. I also love being in the ‘writing zone’, where the words flow and I feel like I’m taking dictation from someone else. That’s a natural high.

What part do you dislike about being an author?

Me. I throw out four perfectly good chapters for every one I keep. Top reasons: the world-building is off and/or the scene doesn’t feel like it spontaneously came out of the characters. Long story short, I write a buttload of words to hit my already-high word counts. So sometimes, my business self would like to take my writer-self out back and kick my own ass.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?Angelbound Front Cover

“Great personalities are forged on the anvil of adversity.” –Abigail Adams.

If you could have dinner with a literary character – who would it be and what would you eat?

Aragorn. Him.

Zombies are everywhere! What do you do first?

I question the underlying assumption that it would suck to be a zombie. You’re immortal, you don’t have to work, and you can hang with your buds all day. Sure, you eat brains, but I’m not sure that bothers you too much in your zombie state. So, in the zombie apocalypse, my first step would be to get bitten and find a cool group of zombies to shamble around with.

What was the last book you read and what were your thoughts on it?

Just checked my Kindle and it was a romance by Cara McKenna called After Hours. Normally, I don’t buy books with chesty guys on the cover (or at least admit to doing so in public) but this one was awesome.

What’s the one question you’d dread on an interview?

I have this irrational fear that an interviewer will find some lame paper I wrote from the fourth grade and be like: “Why didn’t you try harder in Sister Virginia’s class? Look at this grammar!” What can I say? I spent too many years in Catholic school. That shizz stays with you.

You have a time machine, which era do you go back to and why?

My top two choices for time travel: ancient Egypt during the reign of the female pharaoh Maat-ka-re; and my hometown of Buffalo, NY in its heyday (aka some time around 1900). The Erie Canal was in full swing and Buffalo had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the US.

If you were to cast your book, who would play the leads?

If I were fortunate enough to have Angelbound on stage or screen, I’d love the cast to be talented unknowns. It’s hard to have big names play main characters in fantasy, the star can easily overwhelm the source material. That said, there are folks out there who know a lot more about this stuff than I do! I’m a big believer in attracting top talent, giving them a goal, and getting the fuck out of their way.

You free a Genie from a lamp, after wishing away all those zombies from the previous question, you have 2 wishes left, what are they?

World peace and whirled peas. Because it’d be fun to confuse the crap out of the Genie.

What’s your favourite TV show, and why?

Right now, I’d have to say the BBC’s Sherlock. I was going to say Dr. Who, but I’m feeling very conflicted about the new Doctor. Another old white guy? Really?

Where can fans find you online?


Twitter: @CB_Bauer



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