Book Review: Rings of Anubis: Gold and Glass by E. Catherine Tobler


Paris, 1889: A time when the world looks to a future of revolutionary science and extraordinary machines. Archaeologist Eleanor Folley looks back to Egypt’s ancient mysteries and her mother’s inexplicable, haunting disappearance. Agent Virgil Mallory, a man with ghosts and monsters his own, brings evidence of a crime that leads Eleanor into deepest Egypt again. Dangerous marauders and revelations from beyond the grave are part and parcel of adventures in the desert, but Eleanor doesn’t count on crossing paths with the guardian of the underworld—Anubis himself!

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E. Catherine Tobler lives and writes in Colorado. Among others, her fiction has appeared in SciFiction, Fantasy Magazine, Realms of Fantasy, Talebones, and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. She is an active member of SFWA and senior editor at Shimmer Magazine.

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My Review:

I simply adore the idea of Steampunk – there really is not enough good novels in this genre and to find one as engrossing as Rings of Anubis, is a real triumph.

The whole story built up nicely. The pace was great and the scene setting just enough to tease your imagination, but not so much as to interrupt the action or bore your socks off. The protagonists were engaging and I found Eleanor the right mix of qualities for a female lead – something quite rare in urban fantasy and paranormal romance books.

From a writer’s perspective, I can’t fault the style or effort put into the prose. It was beautifully written and well edited – something I really appreciate after recently reading quite a few indie books. My only criticism is that it ended too soon. It’s not quite a full length novel and it took me only a few days to read it. Fortunately I also have the next book in the series – so maybe putting them together as an omnibus in the future might be of interest to new readers of Steampunk that want a longer fix.

The Front Cover is what lets it down for me. It’s a little drab looking and dominated by boring shades of beige and shadow. I’d have never picked it to read on the basis of the front cover – which would have been a massive shame. And let’s be honest, most people do judge a book by its cover.

Overall I’d give Rings of Anubis 4 out of 5 stars – if you want to get into Steampunk and don’t know where to start, then you can’t do better than with this E. Catherine Tobler’s series.



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