Xmas interview with Kira Snyder

kira_snyderWhat has been the best Xmas present you’ve ever received?

Christmas is extra special when you’re a kid, I think… most of my favorite gift memories are from my childhood. I prized anything Star Wars-related — I had an awesome Princess Leia doll with styleable hair. I also remember going in halfsies with my mom and dad on a cool but expensive Barbie Dream House. I felt very grown up, saving my allowance from chores to help pay for a Christmas gift. (I do realize that this was also their money, technically…)

Reindeer Stew, would you eat it?

I’m a vegetarian, so no thank you. :)

Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?

Giving presents is more fun for me, although it stresses me out: Celia’s gift-giving anxiety in Season’s Greetings comes directly from me. Of course, I love receiving gifts — who doesn’t? — but I think it’s so much fun to see people react to what you get them.

What’s the best part of Xmas for you?

Spending time with family and friends. And the food.

Are you on Santa’s nice or naughty list this year?

I always *try* to be nice… I think I did a reasonably good job this year.

Tell us about Parish Mail Season’s Greetings?

Season’s Greetings is the latest paranormal mystery in the Parish Mail series of ebooks. Celia, the teenage heroine, is spending her first Christmas in New Orleans and finds that the city is just as full of mystery, magic, and romance as any other time of year. As with the other Parish Mail books, Season’s Greetings is interactive: you get to choose which clues Celia follows, and which guy she spends time with. The book is a novella, shorter than books 1 and 2, the perfect length for curling up with in front of a fire.

Are there plans for another novel in the series?

Yes! I’m starting to work out the story for another mystery set during Mardi Gras.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution in mind for 2014?

I hope to spend more time volunteering in my community.

 If your characters could give your readers a Xmas message, what would it be?

As they say down in New Orleans, Joyeux Noel and laissez le bon temps rouler — Merry Christmas and let the good times roll!

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