Interview with Susanne Winnacker

author photoTell us about your publishing journey…

It came as a surprise to me when I realized in my twenties that I enjoyed creating imaginary worlds. I started writing in 2010 as a sort of distraction from my law studies, which I hated. I queried agents with my first book, got an offer and shortly after that we sold my debut The Other Life, which came out in 2012. Then I wrote Impostor, left my agent, queried again, found a new agent and we sold Impostor. I guess it’s all quite straight forward, but publishing is always full of surprises, that’s for sure.

If you were to cast ‘Impostor’ who would play your leads?

I don’t have certain actors in mind when I think about my characters. For Tessa I’d want an actress who can be vulnerable and strong at the same time. For Alec I wouldn’t want just a pretty boy. Alec (just like Tessa) has been through a lot and I think that should show. The actor should have some edges.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?isbn9781444916171-detail

I’m not someone who goes around handing out advice, but I think the best advice I could give is: “Do what makes you happy. Life is too short to be miserable.”

If you could have dinner with any literary character, who would it be and what would you eat?

I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, so it would have to be one  of those characters. Dumbledore is out of the question since he doesn’t always give a straight answer and I hate riddles. I’d like to have dinner with the golden trio but that’s three, so…Probably Hermione, because she is the chattiest of the three and I really like her. As for what we’ll have for dinner: a vegetarian Indian menu. Maybe with some naan bread and mango chutney for starters, a dhal soup, then a spicy curry and afterwards my favorite rice pudding with cardamom and pistachios for dessert. And mango lassi to drink.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and would you use it for good or evil?

I’d love to have a healing power. It’s hard to see people you care about being sick or even die, so I’d definitely use that power for good. Though I suppose if messing around with “nature” is good or evil, probably lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Christmas is coming, are you on Santa’s naughty, or nice, list this year?

Hopefully on the nice list, but who knows? What are the requirements? Santa never told me. I didn’t really accomplish all I wanted, but I don’t think that’s something Santa will take into account (I hope). I spent way too much time on the internet, so if Santa is more of the old-fashioned type, it probably doesn’t look good for me…

What will be your 2014 New Year’s Resolution? 

I want to try to write three books and I want to be more patient.

The first will probably be easier for me.

Where can fans find you online?

I’m on facebook:

And twitter:

And blogger:

And I recently started to use Tumblr and I’m still trying to figure it out:

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