Xmas Interview with Lacy Williams

43d6a633094b0ad8956ed2.L._V368184157_SX200_What’s you favourite aspect of Xmas?

Christmas has been my favorite holiday since I’ve been a child. I love putting up the outdoor lights (we had ours up before Thanksgiving this year!), decorating the tree, the music, the feeling in the air, the joy all around.
I *don’t* like: the traffic and crowds at my favorite shopping places!

Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year?

Safe on the nice list.

Reindeer stew – would you eat it?

If I didn’t have any other choice to survive. :)

What’s the best present you ever got?

My parents have been very supportive of me wanting to be a writer, even during my childhood. When I was about 10, I received a typewriter for Christmas. I typed out many a story on that machine–I hate to think about how much money they spend on cartridges and paper for several years!

Kiss/Marry/Avoid the following: Jim Carrey’s The Grinch, Will Farell’s Elf, Tim Allen’s Santa?

Haven’t seen it (love the old animated version, though!)/ Kiss / Marry

Do you prefer giving presents or receiving them?

I love finding the perfect gift, enjoy wrapping, and get a thrill when the person opens it. Yes, I’m a giver.

If your characters from Unholy Alliance could give readers a Xmas message what would it be?

Every day is a gift (Shane would say a risk), so live it to the fullest. Splurge on holidays, like Christmas, and gather your family around.

 What’s your 2014 new year’s resolution?

I’m actually not big on resolutions. I believe in setting goals and living life in a way that I won’t have regrets when I look back. But I do have a lot of goals for 2014. :)

What books can we look forward to seeing from you next year?

Delicate Accord is Lily’s story (she is the computer nerd from Shadow Allegiance). I’m really excited about writing it. It should be out in early 2014. Readers can sign up for my newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/GEpGf to make sure they get the word when it comes out!



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