Interview with S. E. GILCHRIST

Legend Beyond The Stars_Final web pagesTell us about your publishing journey…

Hi Nicky, thank you so much for hosting me on your blog. I’ve been writing on and off (more off actually) for over ten years when in January 2009 I made a commitment to take my passion seriously. I joined the Romance Writers of Australia, attended my first on-line writing course and attended my first RWAustralia conference.

I purchased heaps of ‘how to’ books, undertook more writing courses and entered writing contests where the feedback I received was invaluable. I polished my work and began to submit to publishers.

My first publication came about when I was involved in a proposed erotic anthology of short stories that we intended to indie publish. However one of the group mentioned our work to her publisher. And before I knew it, I had my first contract (September 2012)– the publisher was Momentum Books a digital arm of Pan MacMillan Australia.

Then I submitted my single title sci fi romance, Legend Beyond the Stars to a new e-publisher, Escape Publishing a digital arm of Harlequin Australia and received an offer.

Since that time, I have had two other books published with Escape Publishing, I’ve indie published four novellas and I have another book being released with Escape Publishing in February 2014.

You write in a number of genres, do you have a favourite?

I love spec fiction so I guess science fiction including dystopian and post-apocalyptic societies. The challenge of inventing new worlds with their own set of rules, cultures, religions and history fires my imagination. Within this genre I can also include my love of action and fight scenes.

If you could have dinner with any literary character, who would it be and what would you eat?

Hercule Poirot and I’d love a five course meal with lots of sauces and desserts. Then we’d sit by the fire sipping one of his syrups where he will re-count all his favourite cases and more about his life before he became a famous detective.

If you had a time machine – what would be the era you’d like to visit?

The future. I’d love to see what we’ve made of ourselves in two hundred or more years time – that is if we haven’t killed our planet first.

If Star Pirate Justice was made into a movie – who would you cast as the leads?Star Pirates Justice for web pages

Volkar would be Jake Gyllenhaal and Carly would be Gemma Arterton.

What’s your favourite part about being an author?

The ability to give my characters the gold at the end of the rainbow – what we all want – happiness and love. (After I’ve made them suffer for it, of course!)

What was the last book you read, and what were your thoughts on it?

Dark Country by Bronwyn Parry and I loved it – the characters really drew me into the story and the plot held my interest to the very last page.

Who is your literary idol?

Elizabeth Peters, because I loved her Amelia Peabody books. Loved the meshing of humour, quirky characters, adventure and the mystic lure of Egypt and her knowledge of archaeology she wove into every story.

How important is social media to you as a modern author?

Its very important to me to try and connect with fellow writers and also readers but when a writer is time poor, it can be quite a problem carving out the social media from a busy life. I wish I had more time!

What life advice do you wish you’d been given sooner?

Believe in yourself and follow your heart.

Where can fans find you online?

Twitter – @SEGilchrist1

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