Book Review: Beautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan

Beauitiful Mistake coverSynopsis:

Lena will do anything to protect the shifter child herfamily takes in, even turn herself into bait. Although she knows better than to fall for a shifter, Devin, the man who captures her, is unlike any she’s ever tangled with. Their desire is unquenchable and the draw to him is undeniable, but their relationship is riddled with mistakes and loving him has the potential to destroy her.

After shouldering his twin’s torture, Devin hovers on the verge of insanity. His life revolves around his family and recovering kidnapped shifter children. He never thought he’d have a mate or kids of his own until a rescue mission turns deadly. The beautiful female caught in the crosshairs stirs his mating instincts and tames his wild nature. Only her confusion over their intense attraction stops him from finishing their bond, but Devin’s persistent. He’ll convince his stubborn female that he’s the man she’s been waiting for—one passionate encounter at a time.

A Romantica® Paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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About the Author: Nancy Corrigan Pic

I’ve always been an avid reader and encourage everyone to escape the hectic daily grind with a few minutes a day in your favorite book.

I’m lucky enough to share my cat’s home with my three wonderful children, husband, dog and snake. When not writing, I work as a chemist in a pharmaceutical lab.

My passions beyond reading and family include music, classic cars, tattoos and animals (all of which have found their way into my writing in one form or another).

My Review:

I do love a good paranormal romance, and this certainly fits the bill. You don’t really have to read the first book first, although the publishers kindly gave me both to review – it does give you a good starting point and I’d recommend Unexpected Find too.

What I loved about these books was that, although it was centered around shifters (who are very popular at the moment) they were a little different than the usual. Firstly they were cats, but also they had more than one cat personality – which made for a much more interesting read.

From a writer’s perspective, the build up to the plot was delicate and expertly executed and the spicy scenes were not just liberally littered about for effect, but actually meant something to both characters and the story. It’s all too easy to write an erotic story with a hint of plot just to secure an initial download, the trick of course is to keep them downloading and few readers will carry-on with a series if they feel it lacks entertainment value. It’s so nice to find authors who do not rely on the ‘mucky’ bits and really give the reader something worth their time.

The front cover, hmmmm. well what can I say you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous bloke! Although a little more shifter action tham just the eyes might make it stand out a bit. Fortunately Ellora’s Cave have some great imprints and the fact it’s in the Twilight range makes it pretty obvious you’re in for a right royal paranormal romp.

Overall, I’d give both books 5 out 5 stars – a purrrrfect read for a cold winter’s night, or a hot summer one!

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