Interview with M. D Waters

M.D. Waters_cropped_credit Crystal BinghamTell us about your publishing journey…

I started writing more than ten years ago, and knew from the moment I decided to do this that I wanted a traditional publishing career. I contemplated self-publishing many times, but it never felt right for me. So I stuck with it the old fashioned way. I queried agents and crossed my fingers, and after a lot of failed attempts, I finally found representation with the amazing Jennifer Weltz at the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency.

If you could have dinner with any literary character, who would it be and what would you eat?

I would love to have dinner with Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy, and it would consist of pizza and gooey brownies.

If your book was to be made into a movie, who would you cast as the leads?

Jennifer Lawrence as Emma, Charlie Hunnam as Noah, and Stephen Amell as Declan.

If you had a time machine, which era would you go back to and why?

I’d go back to the 20’s so I could wear flapper dresses and drink illegal booze in speakeasies with smooth-talking men.

What life advice do you wish you’d been given sooner?

I’m not sure there’s anything anyone could have told me that I didn’t NEED to learn myself. It’s an important process of growing up. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Find M D Waters online @ GoodReads and her Website: 



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