Interview with Demonologist Samantha E Harris

cover38553-mediumDid you enjoy the process of writing the book?

Writing the book was an interesting process, looking back on it now it is mostly a blur. I was stuck indoors, as Michigan winters often hold people hostage in their homes, and had a very vivid dream or vision about needing to write this book. In about three or four months I sat down and wrote the entire book; it felt cathartic to get my experiences and advice out on paper. I only hoped that it would get published and that it would become public knowledge on how individuals can help themselves if suffering with a demonic haunting. Oddly enough, most of the book seemed to just pour out of me but there were times in which I experienced ‘writer’s block’ and wasn’t sure if my efforts would even payoff in the end. I made sure to stick to my case notes, to remain accurate and truthful. Sharing the truth and helping others was and always will be my objective.

What are the key signs to look out for when you believe that your house/ family is under attack?

Depending on if the haunting is human or inhuman, there are certain signs to identify if your home is haunted or under ‘attack’. For demonic cases, and after every logical explanation has been sought, people commonly will hear, see, smell and feel things that point to a more sinister presence. For example but not limited to: burning or rotting smells; seeing tall dark shadows or cloaked figures; hearing growling, malevolent laughter, or the mimicking of voices; being punched, slapped, scratched, burned, or other violent behaviors; experiencing sacrilegious or ‘evil’ gestures, and so on. Often the family’s or individual’s health, finances, happiness, mental health, and “luck” seem to deteriorate. In the end, many demonic cases often affect every aspect of someone’s life.

Which urban fantasy literary character do you most identify with, and why?

Typically I don’t read fantasy books (Twilight, etc.) but I love strong female characters that act as a heroine in a story such as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Women can be wonderful leaders and I don’t think it is celebrated or honored enough in our Western society.

Which movie have you found to be the most accurate in terms of demons and spirits?

The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Exorcist are two of the more accurate films depicting demonic possession in Hollywood productions. Although the movie as a whole was unrealistic and outlandish, the original Paranormal Activity displayed some truthful events that often occur with demonic hauntings in addition to The Conjuring (although multiple cases and fictitious events were mashed together to create the film). I have yet to see a film that is entirely accurate regarding the realities of demonic hauntings.

If you could have a civil conversation with a demon, what questions would you ask?

If I could have a civilized conversation with a demon, without leading to any repercussions, I would ask several things: 1) If biblical text is entirely correct, and you’ve publicly stated you know your time will end eventually, why not ask for forgiveness and return to God/Great Spirit? 2) Since the ‘other side’ or Heaven is perfection and you were originally an angel in theory, what was it that drove you to turn against God? 3) Do you know when your time will end and when? 4) What world leaders, politicians, and disasters have demons influenced?

The book covers a lot of your experiences, which chapter was the hardest to write?

All of the chapters were difficult to write because I wanted to do my clients justice, to tell the truth, to capture the audience but to also share the graphic details. I would say the hardest graphic segment to write was regarding a violent sexual assault in Chapter Two with the Novi, Michigan case. My heart goes out to that family and the hardships that they have experienced make most of our problems that we complain about look like child’s play.

What is the most frightening thing that has ever happened to you?

Honestly, the most frightening thing for me regarding my work in demonology is the thought of my loved ones and animals being harmed. I felt that my loved ones and animals were in danger when I had two demonic entities visit my home, on two separate cases. Both of which made themselves known in effort to try and scare me away from helping the family in need. My home is my sanctuary and it does feel violating when a sinister entity briefly intrudes to send an intimidating message.

Where can readers find you online?

I have two Youtube channels, MichiganPRA for my paranormal videos and Seharris11 for a fun and educational channel about my life experiences, learning disabilities, alternative health, etc.

I have several Facebook pages:




 My website is and my Twitter and Vine accounts are “@Seharris11”


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