Book Review: Charlotte, Prowling for Enchantment by MIMA


Sail away on a moonlit adventure! It’s the readers who guide Charlotte’s romantic fate in the Dare to Decide series’ next interactive erotic ebook. From the mermaid beach to the fairy ball, you steer Charlotte’s passions with the click of a link.

Finally, it’s Charlotte’s time for a sexy single’s cruise, the kind of trip Gram would have loved. Umbrella drink in hand, she finds herself with a choice…a tawny Viking of a man beckons from across the bar, while a leather-clad rocker gets tossed at her feet. Neither man is as human as he seems…but then again, neither is Charlotte.

Before she knows it, Charlotte’s dodging curses and negotiating extraordinary pleasure. The elder tales warned us against trusting a pretty face…do you dare to decide where Charlotte goes next? Find your way through the eleven mysterious, magical endings.

Author Website:   Goodreads

My Review:

When I was little, I loved the choose your own adventure books! So to find an adult version was amazing. I loved this book, you can read it so many times over and it’s always different. Plus, and a great idea, was having the options at the front, so you can follow the links, rather than have to search for where it all went wrong!

I tell you what I really discovered here about myself – I make all the wrong decisions when it comes to romance. If only life was like this book and you could skip back to a certain turning point and change your mind! I also realised, that even in books I play it far too safe. If there had been an option to go home early from the party, get in my PJs and watch Game of Thrones whilst eating ice cream – I’d have probably picked it!

From a writer’s perspective, these types of books are a nightmare to organise and my hat is off to MIMA for her tight plotting skills. Also the characters were surprisingly in depth too, considering some were took out of the running if certain decisions were made early on. The reader control on these types of books is amazing, and it made a real change to my reading time, and like I said above, kind of revealed something about my own romantic decision making abilities!

The front cover is pretty, but doesn’t give much away, perhaps a few of the sexy males on there would have sold it more?

Overall, I have to give this book 5 out of 5 for the experience and sheer delight of making your own choices in a novel. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown books across the room (fortunately Kindles are also quite robust!) because the protagonist has royally screwed up or made completely the wrong decision. Although, turns out, I’m not great at making those choices myself! LOL


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