Book Review: Twas the Darkest Night by Sophie Avett


Remember the story about the troll who lived under the bridge—yes, well, that twit didn’t have to pay rent.

Owner and operator of Bits and Pieces, and resident expert on charms and glamours, Elsa Karr is a witch with a sour frown and a list of things to do as long as Thor’s hammer. Top of the list is saving her father’s shop from ruin. If she isn’t trying to claw her way out of debt, she’s arguing with her cat, Fenris, or shoveling carts of cake into her gob. She’s not interested in romance or the vampire who rents the flat above her shop. All she wants is a little peace and chocolate–fine, all right! All right! The vampire is kind of screw all cute. (Curse him.)

The disgraced son and heir of the Wingates House vampire clan and a mad-man to boot, Marshall Ansley spends most of his time working and dodging his mother’s phone calls. Marshall is beyond family. He’s beyond everyone, actually. Don’t be daft, he especially doesn’t do…Christmas. But behold, the plague brings an original flavor of annoyance this year when his boss tasks him with acquiring the account of a recluse fey and her upcoming Gothic clothing boutique, Sinister Stitches. That is the ONLY reason he’s bothering with his shrewish landlord. No, that’s it. No…really. Fine, if you insist, the witch might be a tad bit…all right, she’s adorable. (Damn her.)

Scrooge meets Scrooge. Dominant meets Dominant. Tempers…spark. In each other, they may have unfold a tale that only comes to pass on the darkest of nights.

About the Author:

Sophie Avett is kind of a nerd. Like not even one of the cute, hip ones everyone brags about nowadays. More like the socially awkward hippie who eats way too much bread and dreams about being a dragon from behind towers of mythology books. Um…yeah. Picture old, tattered paperbacks and comic books–mostly Batman and Wonder Woman–dwarfing a tiny desk, with just barely enough room for the troll who writes there and the 70 pound hell-hound that insists of laying it’s wet nose on top of her bare foot.

Granted not the most exciting existence, but she tries to make up for it by writing romances populated with her own peculiar ilk of paranormal beasties. Trolls, wyverns, the obscure Nordic brownie–she likes to keep things interesting. And bloody. (And mostly naked–but, we’ll keep that bit between us.)

Sophie Avett loves to hear from her readers. (Hi, mom.) So if there’s something on your mind, feel free to leave a message after the scream.


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My Review:

I do love a character with a sense of humour and Twas the Darkest Night certainly delivers that. Described as a dark, paranormal Charles Dickinson style Xmas story, it was pretty much that. I really wished I’d read it round Christmas as it was brimming with food for festive thought. It is part of a longer series, and I must admit that I really wished I’d read the other books first. There is a glossary of ‘world’ terms, however it kind of made the flow judder a little, as I had to keep going to back to find out a term to appreciate the joke.

From a writer’s perspective, the main character was what made this book for me. To have a supernatural stuck in the same messes that us ‘normal’ people end up in was quite refreshing. The Cat, Fenris was also a lovely addition and really reminded me of Alice’s Chesire Cat (who is one of my favourite literary characters of all time) It was also lovely to read about a protagonist that doesn’t suddenly get it all (I think this is because I’ve read a lot of YA recently) but has to work to get what she wants. The adult scenes were written very well and just in their appearances too – which in this type of fiction is a must.

The front cover is pretty and shows the characters well. A very, very competitive genre, Paranormal Romance is one where the cover really has to stand out, My only criticism here is that Xmas should have played more of a role on the front.

Overall, I’d give Twas the Darkest Night 4 out 5 stars, don’t wait till Christmas, pick it up now!

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