Book Review: Containment by Lucinda Thorne


Halfway between Earth and a distant penal colony, Jensenn Mal is turning out to be the man of Lieutenant Lai’s dreams … literally. Ripped muscles, blue eyes, cocky attitude–they’re there every time she closes her eyes. Too bad he’s an enemy of the state, sentenced to a lifetime of hard labour and trapped in cryogenic suspension. Little details like those aren’t going to stop Lai, however. She just has to get a better look at that body…

Yet, when Mal gets loose on the ship, he proves more than a match for his jailer. Their battle of wills ignites a passion even the cold of space can’t contain, and now Lai has to make a difficult choice. Should she stay true to her duties and her masters back on Earth? Or surrender to the wily rebel who has stolen her heart?

About the Author:

I was born in New Zealand in 1974, but grew up in England. I studied at Sheffield and Cambridge Universities and have worked as a teacher for the past ten years. After working in the UK and abroad I’ve finally settled in beautiful Melbourne.

My Review:

I’ve not read much sci-fi in the past, although I’ve watched a lot of it on TV, but I must admit that I’m really starting to enjoy a bit of sci-fi/ romance mash-up in my reading schedule. This was a short read, so I managed it all in one sitting, but it really felt epic. It reminded me a lot of the series, Firefly which was cancelled after just the one amazing series (who made that dumb decision?) Which was aided by the fact the hero was called Mal!

From a writer’s perspective, the prose was enjoyable and the story paced well (it was destined to be a short read, anymore pages and it would have been littered with useless info and scenes that didn’t belong) so a big pat on the back to Lucinda Thorne for doing what was right for the story and making it that length, rather than padding it out for the sake of it – which could have easily happened! This is definitely an over 18 read, and the hot scenes were not just justifiable but deserved to be there – another big plus for a book in this genre.

The front cover is okay, but could do with spicing up a bit, when you look at the Ellora’s Cave titles, their fronts are very sexy and obvious as to what you are getting. With this one, it could easily just be a romance book or even a YA!

Overall, I’d give Containment 4 out of 5 stars – a short, enjoyable trip into sexy space.


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