Interview with Jenn Bennett

jennbennett-1024x685Tell us about your publishing journey…

Thanks for having me on your blog! Five years ago, I was working inside a creative think-tank, inventing crafty things for a large US company that makes arts-and-crafts products. When the financial recession hit the US, I lost my job. But instead of looking for another one, I decided to (crazy!) write a book. It was dreadful, but I enjoyed the process, so over the following year, I wrote another (better) and another (pretty decent). That last one, KINDLING THE MOON, got the attention of my current literary agent. She signed me as a client and sold it to Simon and Schuster a few weeks later. In total, over the last four years, I’ve sold 8 books and a novella to three of the largest publishers in the world. But I think of myself as a blossoming writer at the beginning of my career. 9795263

What do you love about being an author?

The thrill of discovery. When I’m putting characters on the page, I’m not only learning things about them, I’m learning about myself. And when readers respond positively to these discoveries, it’s an amazing feeling.

If you could have dinner with any literary character, who would it be and what would you eat?

Charlie Bucket. (And chocolate, of course!)

If your book was to be made into a movie, who would you cast as the leads?

Egads, which book?! I’m terrible at casting characters. Sometimes I’m loosely inspired by real-life people, and some of those inspirations can be found on my Pinterest boards: (

Vampires – do you prefer them as sexy leads or blood hungry monsters?

I’m not much of a vampire girl. Demons are more my cuppa. (Horns for the win!) Summoning-the-Night-med-186x300

If you had a time machine, which era would you go back to and why?

Probably the 1920s. It’s modern enough for telephones, cars, and hot baths—all good things!

What life advice do you wish you’d been given sooner?

Risk it all on the RIGHT things.

 If you were a supernatural creature, what would you be and why?

Zombie mermaid. (Because they’re awesome, duh.)

Where do you write best?

Alone, in my office. No music, no distractions.

What was the last book you read, and what were your thoughts on it?

THE STORIED LIFE OF A.J. FIKRY. It was terrific. BINDING-THE-SHADOWS-cover-183x300

If you didn’t write in your genre, which other would you prefer and why?

So far, I’m published in both urban fantasy and historical paranormal romance, and my first hardcover book, a young adult contemporary romance called THE NIGHT OWLS, will be coming out in 2015. I like to experiment with new things, so who knows what I’ll be writing next year.

Where can fans find you online?

They can chat with me Twitter (@Jenn_Benn), follow my book inspiration on Pinterest or Tumblr, and get general updates about my books onGoodreads or Facebook. I also read and respond to fan mail sent through my website.



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