Book Review: The Miller’s Daughter by Jessica Jordan

Jordan_Miller's Daughter (1)Synopsis:

Kind and beautiful Elena, the miller’s daughter, lies to the king to save her father’s life. She has ‘til morning to prove to him that she can indeed spin straw into gold. In the cold dark dungeons, she begs anyone who can hear her prayers to save her. Someone does hear her: a djinn. Though his appearance at first terrifies her, she grows to love him, despite his continual refusal to acknowledge his own feelings for her. He saves her life three times, each bargain they strike bringing them closer together. But, when the time comes for him to collect his final payment, her firstborn child, Elena cannot go through with it. Relenting against the onslaught of her tears, he gives her three nights to guess his true name saying that if she can he will nullify their contract. If she guess correctly, her baby will stay with her, but the djinn, the being that she’s fallen in love with, will be her slave. Over the course of those three nights, Elena finds out that the djinn is more than she had previously thought. Has she been a pawn the entire time in his twisted games of lust and greed, or did he sacrifice everything for her?

About the Author:

Jessica Jordan lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and is currently studying to become a post-secondary English teacher. She loves reading comic books, eating sushi, and binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix.


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Twitter: @Jessica_J21

Amazon: The Miller’s Daughter: A Twisted Erotic Fairy Tale – Kindle edition by Jessica Jordan. Romance Kindle eBooks @

  My Review:

I do love a good twisted fairy story, so I was really looking forward to this one. If I’m being honest, it did live up to it’s erotic genre, but I must admit that personally I prefer a bit more romance with the spicy stuff. I loved the idea of a hot Rumple, and that this story was just begging to be heated up.

From a writer’s perspective the protagonist, Elena was really wet (sometimes in the way we expect in these books, but most of the time in the way that can be quite annoying.) She seemed to drift from one bad situation to the next allowing anyone to do pretty much anything to her. My problem with this is that with erotic books, this can feel less than romantic and to have a main character without a back bone, kind of wrong. I ended up really feeling sorry for her as a character, and found it hard to root for the male/female leads. This is just my personal opinion, and I guess it simply boils down to what you expect from erotic fiction, and me, I really want some romance in there to be the nice red bow adorning the erotic scenes. If you don’t have that the female lead can look like she’s being taken advantage of, which is definitely not sexy.

Also, and I hate to say it, but in some places the prose was a little clumsy. There were over-used words in there that should have been caught by the editor, and a few sentences that had a crumbling structure – however, that said there were also some nice turns of phrase in there too.

The front cover is amazing – gets in everything it needs to. It both describes the story and attracts the reader – so well done to the cover artist!

Overall, I’d give The Miller’s Daughter 3 out of 5 stars, didn’t do it for me, but if you liked Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy, you should pick it up.



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