Interview with Lance Manion

lance manion pic

Lance Manion

Interview with fellow horror author Lance Manion:

When did you realize you wanted to be a horror writer?

After reading Night Shift by Stephen King. The idea that you could come up with an idea that creeped you out and then share it with others was a fun thought.

What’s your thoughts on authors and social media?   

It’s a great way to build or enhance your readership. I’m a big fan of any way to reach your target audience that isn’t controlled by the big publishing houses or run through a politically correct filter. It is vital for the success of the coming eBook revolution.

Which sites do you prefer?   

Facebook seems to be fading a bit, I’ve never gotten the hang of Twitter, Tumblr just got gobbled up by Google and Instagram seems geared entirely towards high school kids that want to exchange pictures of their genitalia. Assuming they don’t want to see my genitals I guess I’m waiting for the next good site.

What’s your favorite horror monster and why?   

The zombie. The basic premise can work in almost any genre and tell any story it wants but at the same time you have this villain that is mindless so you can feel good about shooting it in the face. There is no moral ambiguity.

What is the worst mistake a new writer can make?

Other than taking advice from an unknown? I would say being too descriptive. It’s like in the movies where the monster is always scary until you actually get a look at it. Don’t give them too good a look.

And what advice would you give them?   

Let the idea carry the story, not the details. Let the reader do some of the heavy lifting, they know best what interests/scares them.


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