Interview with Kevin L. Jones

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Author interview with fellow Horrified Press horror writer Kevin L. Jones.
When did you realise you wanted to be a horror writer?
I always wanted to be a writer because I was surrounded by cartoonists and movie people when I was a child and I always liked horror movies

 What was the first story you got published? Is there anything you’d change about it now?

Simply A Matter of Luck. I’m always tinkering with old stories and adding things to them.
What’s your thoughts on authors and social media? Which sites do you prefer?
I spend quite a bit of time on the internet looking at various sites about movies, comic books, toys and horror writing. There’s lots of interesting stuff to check out there.
What’s your favourite horror monster and why?
My favorite kind of monster is the kind of zombie that George Romero made popular. Zombies have always seemed scary to me because we used to live close to a large old graveyard when I was in grade school and it gave me nightmares
What is the worst mistake a new writer can make? And what advice would you give them?
I think the worst thing a new writer can do is not try hard enough and I also think it’s important that they try to seek out the best writers who work in the same genre as they do so they can study how the masters do it.
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