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 Happy Haunted Open House Blog Hop!

Okay, so I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about my time as an actor at a Halloween attraction in the UK. My older brother had been part of the crew for years and he was always asking me to join him – after all, I count horror as one of my genres and learning how to frighten people first hand could only be a useful tool for my writing. So I went along to the auditions and got the part of a scary little girl ghost.

Driving up to the attraction every night was surreal to say the least. Manic laughter, desperate screams and out of tune music was pushed out through speaker phones giving it an eerie atmosphere. With it being a typical British Autumn, the nights drew in quicker and there was a to-the-bone chill in the air. Even being part of the scary illusion was pretty damn frightening!

Upon arrival I would go into make-up the semi-normal author you see on this blog, and come out as a cursed ghost desperate to be freed from the demon that killed her and her family.

Deadsy the Bear

Deadsy the Bear

Night after night groups of people would flock to the attraction and, between you and me, the scares got a bit addictive. Although most of the scene I played out was scripted, me and my demon developed extra improvisations that made the screams louder, and the visitors paler.

This was the time that ‘Deadsy’ came into my life. He started out as an innocent enough teddy bear hunched over a shop’s shelf, but after he came home with me he began to evolve into something more heinous, hideous and downright horrible. Blood matted his fur, his eye pulled out to reveal a soulless hole. He was damp from spending so much time outside, and was always cold. He was perfect. Clutched in my pale arms as I desperately searched the visitors for my long lost family, he’d touch people in the dark, making them sequel and squirm.

So, what did my time there reveal to me? Horror takes many forms and is very subjective. Once you get that first scream from someone, the next ones are easier to illicit. Fear is contagious and large groups breed it better than small ones. Although fun to be a ghost, it can get kind of repetitive doing the same thing every night. And if you’re going to write horror, you really do need to experience it once in a while (in a safe and playful environment!)

*At the end of my time at the Halloween attraction, Deadsy decided to stay and is still frightening people to this day.

Giveaway: Trick Or Treat! 

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