Book Review: Needfire by Amy Braun


A virus has spread across the country, infecting its victims and turning them into bloodthirsty monsters. Trained soldiers are dispatched to eliminate the threat, no matter how mild the infection seems.Sophia, Isaac, and Reyes live on the run, scavenging what they can and staying away from both sides of the conflict. But all of that changes when one of them becomes infected.As they struggle to find the rumored cure, the three friends begin to realize that the virus isn’t what it seems, and that finding it may cost them more than they could ever imagine…          Kobo

About the Author:

Amy is an aspiring urban fantasy author addicted to monsters and mythology. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, watching movies, taking photos, or gaming.

My Review:

I always secretly read dystopia as a bit of prepper advice. What to do if the world turns to crazy poo and you need to survive? Needfire gives us a very believable storyline of what could happen. Friends who try to stick together through the worst of it, and those who take advantage of the situation for their own gains. Certainly not hard to imagine this ‘going down’.

From then very start of the book, we’re taken into the action, which I personally think is a must with these types of novels – I was very close to giving up on The Walking Dead when it seemed to descend into ‘a bit of action happening’ and then 40 minutes of all the characters discussing it, and oh yeah the number of zombies dwindling to those you can count on one hand per episode! Fortunately the producer/writer saved the series and now its better than ever! Rant over…. So Needfire doesn’t fall into that familiar plot trapping, which is hard work for the author, it’s easy to pad out a book with those kinds of scenes, harder to keep the tension and action up, so that was a really long winded way of saying – well done, Amy!

From a writer’s perspective, I was worried about reading an Indie book, I haven’t had the best experiences with them, but this one flows very well, mistakes are limited (and are no more than you’d see in a mass market paperback anyway) So to be honest, if I hadn’t have known it was self published, I wouldn’t have guessed.

The front cover does let it down though (Sorry Amy) with that image it could be any kind of book: thriller etc. So I think it could do with an ‘infected’ dystopian overhaul to compete with other titles in this crowded genre. It would be a massive shame if Needfire isn’t picked up because the cover isn’t as exciting as it could be.

Overall, I’d give Needfire 4 out 5 stars – a great read for those Autumn nights that are now knocking on our doors.



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