Guest Post from Andrew Greenfield Lockhart

altmeAndrew is a member of my writers’ group, Creative Minds Writing. 

“My second novel, The Tiger and the Cauldron is set in 1295 Mongol Persia:

Genghis Khan’s successors already control Asia and much of Europe. In their Iranian province, civil war is brewing as two rivals for the throne face one another across the salt deserts. Ghazan, son of the late Il-khan Arghun rallies his forces in the East, ready to march on Tabriz, the capital. However, only by converting to Islam can he guarantee victory.

Fifteen-year-old Hassan returns to his native country in search of adventure but unprepared for a chance encounter that will change his life.tigercover

Saved from a degrading forced marriage, Ghazan’s half-sister, sixteen-year-old Princess Doquz, is bent on revenge for her humiliation. With the rebel commander, Ahmed Sabbah, she declares war on Baidu, the usurper, and leads a guerrilla campaign against him from her base on Mount Sahand.

But Doquz is reluctant to play the religious card that will help Ghazan to the throne until a reunion with Hassan, her childhood companion, forces her to reappraise her objectives and her sexuality.

From Tabriz to the Valley of the Assassins, deep in the Alburz Mountains, Hassan and Doquz pursue their quest, unaware of secrets that can destroy them both. And Sabbah must break a solemn oath to save them.

The Tiger and the Cauldron is now available as an ebook from digital stores worldwide. However, I still have a dozen copies of the paperback, published in 2004, in brand new condition, and I am offering these on e-bay for £8.49 each in aid of the MacMillan Cancer Charity.

The price includes delivery to any UK mainland address, and a minimum of £2.97 per book will be automatically forwarded to the charity by e-bay. I will also donate to the charity any additional income from the sales, after deduction of postage and current costs.

Further details can be found on e-bay under ‘Books, Comics and Magazines – Fiction – Historical and Mythological’ or by following the link to the item:″


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