Interview with K. J. Janssen‏

Siblings_coverTell us about your publishing journey..

Reading and writing fiction have always been a big part of my life. As a child I wrote about outer-space and in high school I was the editor of the school’s literary newspaper. During that period I wrote mostly short stories and novellas.
I earned a BS in Logistics from NYU. My career in NYC was spent in management positions at several large companies, including Exxon, Metropolitan Life and J.C. Penney. During those years I had little time for writing as my career required extensive travel and I was busy raising a family.
In the early eighties, as an empty-nester, I moved to Centerville, OH with my wife, Jeannette. I retired early from the bicycle manufacturer Huffy, when they went into bankruptcy.
Now, I’m a full-time writer. I write because I feel that there are stories that need to be told. I enjoy the process of writing and firmly believe that you do your best writing when you are well read. To that end, I read at least one novel a week.

What do you love about being an author?

I enjoy the opportunity to share my thoughts and aspirations with readers. There is always uncertainty until a publisher finally decides that my novel is marketable. The process of editing that follows is further validation, but is also an opportunity to be educated about what readers are looking for. This is a valuable process, since tastes and styles change over time.
Brisk sales, especially early on, confirm that my efforts are appreciated. Further validation comes from reviews. I just love those 5-star reviews on Amazon.

If you could have dinner with any literary character, who would it be and what would you eat?

Sherlock Holmes; especially as he was portrayed by Basil Rathbone. I was always fascinated by his thinking process.
I would eat something light; probably a salad. I wouldn’t want eating to interfere with the scintillating conversation we would be bound to engage in.

If your book/ story was to be made into a movie, who would you cast as the leads?

Russell Crowe and Matthew McConaughey as the male leads and Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock as the female leads.

Vampires – do you prefer them as sexy leads or blood hungry monsters?

Definitely as sexy leads. The element of surprise creates extra drama as the truth of their nature comes out. That’s the fun about vampires.

If you had a time machine, which era would you go back to and why?

I wouldn’t go too far. There is more material to work with the closer one gets to life as it is today. There is less research to do when an author writes about his own experience or the situations/plots that are going on about him.

What life advice do you wish you’d been given sooner?

Getting spiritual for a moment, I wish that I had realized that I don’t need an organization to be able to commune with my creator.

If you were a supernatural creature, what would you be and why?

I guess I’d like to be a “good” angel so I could help mankind.

Where do you write best? 

I write in my den, exclusively. My laptop has the battery removed and it acts as a PC. That doesn’t mean that my inspiration comes forth in my den exclusively. I keep a note pad and pen with me at all times so that jot down ideas while they are fresh.

What was the last book you read, and what were your thoughts on it?

“Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder. It’s a novel about the history of Philosophy. I read it about six years ago and it was one of the reasons I resumed writing when I retired. I realized that no matter how deep the subject matter is, a fascinating novel can be spun with meticulous care. I highly recommend the book.

If you didn’t write in your genre, which other would you prefer and why?

I am already a multi-genre author with thrillers, mystery, suspense, inspirational, spiritual, romance and family drama. When I write, the story evolves into one or several genres. I only plan out one or two chapters at a time. I never know how a story will end, until it ends. That may not make sense to some, but my writing results from inspiration and since I stay in the present, I am sometimes confronted with a news item or situation that causes me to veer off in a new direction.

Where can fans find you online?

My blog is
My latest novel is available on Amazon



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