What I love about Halloween


Well, the scariest time of the year is almost upon us and I thought I’d do a quick blog post to talk about we I love Halloween so much.

You get to dress up! My fav past time! I think it’s down to my fantasy-prone nature, but I just love playing dress-up. And apart from hen do’s and special birthday parties, Halloween is the one time you can really go for it.  For one night you get to be someone else, something else – it’s like being a kid again.

It has a a really cool back story. There are so many lores and myths surrounding Halloween, so many that there has to be something to it all – right? Well, I guess us fantasy-prone types can hope! A quick Wikipedia visit is all you need to delve deeper into the sinister side of history.

There’s always new things to do. England has really started to grab on to the celebration and we’ve got some amazing pop-up attractions to choose from now. So, if you enjoy being scared out of your wits, and I know you do, then have a search on your local area. If you’re in the Midlands like me, then make sure you get yourself down to Dr. Frights which is set up in Earls Barton, Northants. SDRandCo (67)

All the great decorations come out to play. Yeah, this is a bit weird, but I love macabre things, and my place is teaming with skulls, candles and dark ornaments – as a horror writer, they really help me channel a bit of darkness into my work. So every Halloween I stock up on new bric-a-brac.

Horror Movie marathon time. Okay, so I never really need a good excuse to watch a horror film, but it can help when you’re enticing those innocent friends into a popcorn and gore fest!

There’s a chill in the air. So, not really down to Halloween per-say, but with it being slap in the middle of Autumn, it always seems to happen on a sweet, but chilly night when there’s oceans of orange and brown leaves littering the ground and there’s a smell and feel to it that always tugs at my imagination.

Do you love Halloween? Share your thoughts below, oh, and tell me what your fav scary movie is…



One comment on “What I love about Halloween

  1. I LOVE Halloween!!! I dress up every year, love the creepy collectibles and decorations. When I have my own place, its going to look like Halloween all year long. Unfortunately, we don’t do as many things around where we live for the holiday. I walk around with my siblings while trick-or-treating for now. And I also really love all the lore about the holiday and I uber love this time of year. The vibrancy in the colors of nature and that indescribable feel in the air. ;)

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