Interview with Wattpad author Rowena Black

40724201-208-k471949Tell us about your writer’s journey…

I started writing three years ago but that’s not saying much since I’m only sixteen. I’m a huge book nerd so it only made sense for me to start writing. My cousin told me about Wattpad last year and I’ve writing on the website ever since. Since writing on wattpad I’ve realized that everybody has that one thing they’re good at and writing is my thing. I’ll be going to Interlochen Arts Academy over the summer where I will be working with a little publisher on my books.

What do you love about being a writer?
The thing I love most about writing is being able to create new worlds. I always joke around say that writers are like gods, we can create and destroy life. I’ve never enjoyed anything more than bringing a new character to life.
What’s been the best part of being on Wattpad?
The best part of wattpad is the experience. I originally went on wattpad for a confiden52775856-144-k430926ce boost. I wanted to know if people would like my work. Never in a million years did I expect the response I received.
How do you deal with bad comments?
To be completely honest I haven’t had any bad comments. I’ve received constructive criticism but those comments only make my work better. Like I said before I’m always genuinely surprised that so many people enjoy my books.
If you could have dinner with any literary character, who would it be and what would you eat?
That’s hard but I’d probably say Jace Herondale. He’s been my literary crush ever since I read the Mortal Instruments two years ago. And of course we would either have mu shu pork or mangoes since those are Jace’s favorite food.
Vampires – do you prefer them as sexy leads or blood hungry monsters?
I prefer vampires as sexy blood thirsty monsters. Attractive villains always make a story more interesting.
If you had a time machine, which era would you go back to and why?
The time period I love the most is the Renaissance. So if I had to travel back in time it would probably be to the 1300s-1600s. There is a small chance that I might die of disease but there is also a chance I could meet Henry VIII or Leonardo Da Vinci. Even though it seems silly, I would risk my health to meet Da Vinci.
What life advice do you wish you’d been given sooner?
Don’t care about what other people think of you. Ever since I stopped caring about other people’s opinions I’ve been much happier.
If you were a supernatural creature, what would you be and why?
If I could be any supernatural creature I would be a witch. I’ve always loved witches. I would dress up like one on a Halloween as a kid. By the time we learned about the Salem Witch Trials in school I was completely in love with the idea of magical powers. I think every teenager can agree with me when I say witches are the coolest supernatural creature because they can turn their teachers into frogs.
Where do you write best?
This is going to sound weird but I write best in my family’s basement. When I was a chi68836088-144-k481577ld I would go down there and play make believe. I’m too old to play now but my imagination always becomes overactive when I’m in the basement.
What was the last book you read, and what were your thoughts on it?
The last book I read was Omertà on Wattpad and I loved it. Ferro and Scarlett have the most messed up relationship ever. After reading about their troubles I feel very hopeful for future relationships. Because I know whoever I date next will never have me at gun point during our first date.
If you didn’t write in your genre, which other would you prefer and why?
If I didn’t write in paranormal I would probably be a fantasy writer. They’re pretty similar, so I wouldn’t have to change much about my writing.
Where can fans find you online?
My fans can follow me on Twitter @rowena_black
Check out Rowena’s books on Wattpad:

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