Playing well with others.



Two years ago I participated in a bold new writing project called ‘The 48 Hour Book’. It was set up by Northamptonshire Libraries (in the UK) and was planned to coincide with World Book Day on 5th March 2011. At that time I wasn’t a published writer, so was eager to learn everything I could about the craft, and of course meet people who were currently ‘living the dream’ as full time writers.

The crux of the project was to write a whole book in 48 hours. Impossible I hear you cry, and you’d be right. We didn’t manage to write a whole book in that time, but we did manage to come up with a setting, characters, a plot, the ending along with a fair amount of prose. The book that the project birthed was called ‘Vicious Circle’ and was set in Northampton at a travelling Fair.

How it worked was that each writer took a character, then we worked out their journeys together. When characters interacted we sat with the writer they belonged to and talked it through. It was hard work, but with the guidance and patience of our leaders, Judith Allnatt and Ben Elijah, we managed to produce a great book at the end of it all.

As an idea, The 48 Book was ambitious to say the least, but writing with others can prove exhilarating and inspirational. The ‘Beautiful Creatures’ series is a product of two writers working together and having others around you reliant on your input can motivate you into working harder. It’s easy to let yourself down, much harder to let someone else down.

A lot has happened to me in the past two years. I’ve had over 40 stories published/ accepted for publication in 5 countries, and my first novel ‘Bad Blood’ is due out next month through the publishers Noble & Young. I’ve referred to writing as a hobby in the past, and to honest that’s quite misleading. To be a writer you need an overwhelming passion for the written word. You need enough free time and motivation to dedicate to your words, and getting them out there. You need to be willing to adapt and be flexible with your life enough to include writing time, submitting time, and promotion time. It’s hard work – but sooooo worth it!

If you’d like to learn more about The 48 Hour Book click here. You’ll notice that I somehow managed to worm my way into the middle of the photo!