Killing Cupid by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards


When Alex Parkinson joins a creative writing class, he soon realises that he and his tutor, Siobhan McGowan, are meant to be together. Alex will do anything to be with her. Like buying her designer clothes and lingerie…with her own credit card. Like breaking into her house and reading her diary. Like threatening her ex-boyfriend – and watching his love rival plummet from a rooftop.

But when Alex finally admits defeat and seeks solace elsewhere, Siobhan decides to take revenge. How dare he lose interest in her? He picked the wrong woman to stalk then just back off! As their lives begin to unravel and the past closes in, Alex and Siobhan embark on a collision course that threatens to destroy both themselves and everyone around them…

Optioned by BBC TV for a two-part drama, KILLING CUPID is a dark, twisted psychological thriller that examines what happens when two people who are unlucky in love meet their soulmate – but still manage to get everything wrong. Filled with suspense and dark laughter, and with a unique twist at its conclusion, KILLING CUPID is written in alternating chapters, showing the male and female viewpoints, by renowned author LOUISE VOSS and newcomer MARK EDWARDS.

“I’ve just finished reading this and really enjoyed it: it’s a stalker novel with a twist and an unexpected lightness of touch. You may think the plot will take a predictable course but it doesn’t. The creation of voice and the wit of the observations create immediacy and verve.” LORNA FERGUSSON, Author of The Chase.

My Review:

This book was another recommendation. I run a writers’ group in my home town and when my friend read this book she said, ‘You have to read this!’ Now, I don’t think I have any stalkers in my group (if I do, they’re playing their cards pretty close to their chest) but the concept was still incredibly similar to me as a person; I’m an author, I run a writer’s group, I’m single – although I hasten to add, I’m far too lazy to act out on any violent tendencies! LOL.

I must admit at the time, I didn’t read the Goodreads profile, only the back of the book, so I was quite shocked to see pretty much nearly the whole plot there, I really enjoyed the twists and turns of Killing Cupid, and if I’d have read about it on Goodreads first, I perhaps wouldn’t have liked it so much.

From a writer’s perspective, the expertise that both authors use to tell the characters’ stories is without fault. It’s a real ‘he said, she said’. I’m unsure as to whether I could write a story with another author, but it is something that I’d love to try in the future. I enjoyed both writer”s styles so much that I have started reading their own books too.

The front cover is great. Very evocative yet simple.

I noticed in the description that this has been optioned for TV, which it thoroughly deserves. I just the hope the authors have control over what happens to their story, so it stays as faithful to the book as possible.

Overall, 4 out of 5 stars. Whether you are a writer or not, you should read this book.



Book Review: Mr Midnight by Allan Leverone


Given up for adoption just hours after her birth, thirty-year-old Caitlyn Connelly has longed her entire life to uncover her family history. Subject to bizarre and inexplicable visions, Cait is desperate to learn whether her biological mother can provide any insight as to the origin of her unusual ability.

When a local investigator learns Cait was born in a Boston suburb, the Tampa lawyer wastes no time booking a flight to the East Coast.

In Boston, with the city under siege by a killer known as “Mr. Midnight,” Cait’s visions intensify, morphing from merely annoying to graphic and terrifying. Worse, Cait begins to realize she shares a strange psychic connection with the depraved sociopath. A connection that may just get her killed.

As Cait and the murderer are drawn inexorably toward a violent confrontation, unraveling a decades-old mystery might be the only thing that prevents her from becoming the next victim…of Mr. Midnight.

About the Author: 3518969

Allan Leverone is a 2012 Derringer Award winner and 2011 Pushcart Prize nominee for his short fiction. He has been hailed by bestselling Author Vincent Zandri (THE INNOCENT, THE REMAINS) as “the successor to Michael Crichton,” and bestselling author Scott Nicholson (LIQUID FEAR, DISINTEGRATION) says “Allan Leverone delivers a taut crime drama full of twists and conspiracy.” 


Twitter, @AllanLeverone

My Review:

Horror was my first literary love. I don’t admit it very often, in polite company I lie and say it was ‘The Animals of Farthing Wood’ and although I did read these books growing up, deep down I was hoping for Fox to go mental and start tearing the throats out of his furry friends. So dark and twisted is my ‘thing’ and Mr Midnight reminded me of that. From start to finish it was just gruesome enough with a steady stream of suspense that kept me reading – a perfect winter read when the weather is awful and all you want to do is curl up with a good book that throws you head first into an engrossing story.

As a reader, I’m not a big fan of flashbacks in a story, and if I could have changed anything it would have been to rip out the birth etc. and make it the prologue, thus leaving us in the present with the main characters and enforcing the suspense.

From a writer’s perspective, I thought the pacing was excellent and the story unfolded just enough each chapter to keep you on that sharp, shiny hook. My only criticism, and this is just me, is that Mr Midnight needed more of the book. I realise that he was the antagonist and that the protagonist, Cait should, in theory, be given equal time at least but horror affords authors a bit of literary leeway and I’d have liked to have seen our killer literally explode into the story with a string of murders under his belt before Cait takes our attention away.

The front cover is very eerie and definitely represents the story well. So two thumbs up to the cover artist!

Overall I’d give Mr Midnight 4 out of 5 stars – a darkly disturbing read with a dash of psychic shenanigans.

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