Schrödinger’s Novel – The Writer’s Procrastination

Writers, have you ever reached the end of your book, but can’t let it go? Even though you desperately want that publishing deal, you still can’t bring yourself to submit? I’m calling this mental block Schrödinger’s Novel. Just like the physicist’s cat that could be either alive or dead in that box, your manuscript sits on your computer in the same state. It has the potential to be your dream-like success, or your depression fueled rejection. Of course, you won’t know for sure until you open the box and let that book out.

I must admit, even though I have submitted (a lot) and have been published. I’m currently suffering this phenom. People are telling me to get on with it, but the problem is the sooner I put it out there the sooner I’ll know for sure whether I’ve wasted my time.

I write YA, I’m published with two series through Evernight Teen, however, my mind has always run a little dark, and there have been times that I’ve written stories that do not fit with a YA audience, so I wanted to exercise, or exorcise, this part of my writer’s brain. I’ve written an adult psychological thriller, which is by far the longest book I’ve written. My YA is between 30-50K and this new book sits at a whopping 91k. It was a labour of love, and includes some very personal tidbits from me.

Now, rejection is like breathing to any writer, even those who have deals – you have to be pretty high up on the author food chain for it not to touch you with its sticky shadow fingers. Unfortunately, this knowledge doesn’t help me in my efforts – if anything it’s polluting my confidence.

It’s easy to say, just do it, just submit. I’ve said it myself to dozens of writers to get them off the literary bench and into the game, but you have to be ready. Not just confident in your manuscript, your story, your characters, and your general grasp of the English language, but also that are you ready for another potential visit from rejection’s choking fingers.

I am getting there. I just want one more brief edit; a final check, then the cat will truly be out of the box and I’ll know for sure whether its ready to hunt down a publishing deal for me, or has been left in the box too long and has suffocated. If you, like me, are falling prey to Schrödinger’s Novel, take a moment to leave a comment below – share your worries here.

As for me; wish me luck, and watch this space. I’m going to be opening that box soon…

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