Book Review: A Vampire’s Saving Embrace by Darlene Kuncytes


Abigail Montgomery was happy with her life. She was independent, strong, and had managed on her own for a very long time. That was, until the dark, handsome Desmond LaGrange showed up at the bar where she worked. How could she know that this mysterious man would end up saving her from the evil that she didn’t even know existed? And why was she so drawn to him? Why did he make her body heat with just a simple look? Desmond LaGrange was fighting a past he was trying hard to forget. But when he sees the beautiful Abby working behind the bar – something deep inside compels him to get closer. The only question is why? And when he saves her from danger – can he resist the strong pull between them to let her go when the time comes? Or will the passion that she ignites in him be his end?

About the Author:

Darlene Kuncytes was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. She has enjoyed writing ever since she can remember, and has always had a love for romance. “A Vampire’s Saving Embrace” is her first novella, of what will hopefully be many more. She has always loved the supernatural with a touch of suspense – not to mention the allure of finding one’s soul mate.

She loves hearing from her fans- so be sure to drop her a line.

My Review:

I must admit that I found the book a relaxing read. It went from A to B nicely and gave the reader characters that belonged in the world they existed in. There was a healthy dose of romance, that wasn’t tainted with too much adult sizzle.

From a writer’s perspective I found that there were some ‘show don’t tell’ moments that could have been easily ironed out in the editing process. Some info dumps too, that could have been cleared away – however they didn’t harm the story much for readers, although were a little frustrating as an author to read, as they are so easily fixed.

I didn’t find any new adages to the vampire mythos and this story did echo the typical paranormal romance book. Though, now Charlaine Harris has put Sookie Stackhouse out to pasture, we need something to fill the gap.

I’d give A Vampire’s Embrace 3 out of 5 stars. If you like vampire stories – you’ll love this.

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